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    A working definition of Government as a Platform

    There have been a range of narratives circulating around the idea of 'Government as a Platform' since the publication the article of that title by Tim O’Reilly in 2011. The aim of this article is to present such a definition that can bring together a subset of the existing ways people use the term, and hopefully resolve some of the contradictions and emphasize considerations of safety and democratic accountability.

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    Mapping government platforms, design systems and standards

    Collecting data about platform related initiatives around the world to create a useful resource for digital service units and researchers.

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    The case for a design archive for digital services

    A public archive of the user interfaces for important digital services could help show the design choices made by governments and companies have real effects on people’s lives.

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    The narrative around “data-sharing” in government needs resetting

    The narrative around “data-sharing” in government needs resetting. It is too often short-hand for the unaccountable duplication and joining together of data to meet short-term policy needs or reduce costs.

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    Street lighting in suburban London: a parable for digital government

    How the growth of municipal utilities from the early 20th Century provides lessons for the development digital government

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    Digital service standards and platforms

    A review of what digital services standards from different governments have to say about common platforms and APIs

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    Digital proofs

    Digital proofs, of various types, offer the opportunity to keep some of the good things about paper, while removing some of the risks.

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    Real-world government platforms

    'Government as a Platform' normally gets talked about in terms of shared digital capabilities – things like hosting, identity or payments. What is the role of real-world platforms like government offices?

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    Real-time government

    One of the characteristics of today’s digital services is that they operate in real-time. Today, the infrastructure and the data-hygiene does not exist for government to systematically operate in real-time.

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    Platforms for government? Platforms for society?

    Broadly speaking, government platforms can have one of three usage footprints.

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    Making public policy in the digital age

    A week is a long time in politics. It should be a long time in policy too