Platform Land was a project at digitalHKS examining how digital platforms will change government and society.

Aims of the project

  1. Give digital service units resources to help them build good platforms
  2. Test ways of explaining the value and implications of digital platforms to politicians and policymakers
  3. Identify the important parts of platform government and develop a common language for talking about it
  4. Start a conversation about the institutional, societal and democratic implications of digital platforms in government and beyond

Activities and outputs

  1. Interviewing technologists, policy makers and politicians from governments and the private sector
  2. Mapping the emergence of platforms around the world and publishing it as open data
  3. Writing a platforms playbook for government digital service units
  4. Publishing articles on the key issues related to government platforms
  5. Developing resources for students and practitioners looking to understand platform government
  6. Publishing a biweekly newsletter on government platforms to keep practitioners, researchers and policy makers informed

Project updates